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Mark C.

Flameware clay bodies

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After much interest in cooking clay on the stovetop and making BBQs for the yard-I'm posting this for reference . Its the 1973/74 piece from studio potter on flameware and flameware glazes

This is the original clay formula

Ron Propst's Flameware Formula
Spodumene (200 mesh) 30
Pyrophyllite (200 mesh) 10
Feldspar (200 mesh) 10
Ball clay (OM#4) 20
A.P. Green Fireclay 30
Western Bentonite 2


The article is here


you can also google this topic and learn more about flamewares


One last thought is flamewars are made to cook on very low heat and very slowly and you run the risk and its always present that the thing will crack and leak . Which can mean burn you or put the stove flame out or spill onto others . So keep this in mind as this clay is very porous and open and will break easy just by hitting or banging it

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