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Brent Model 15 Part Name

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I'm new to wheel repair and have a question that most likely has a very obvious answer that I'm just missing! Haha! I have recently acquired a Brent Model 15 wheel. I just replaced the orange belt, and everything went well with that, but when I started it up and it still wouldn't spin I took another look and realised that I must be missing another belt-type part.

The issue is that spinning cone is unable to make contact with the gear. Is appears that there is a ring or something of the sort missing on the gear that would usually allow the cone to grip and spin it. Would anyone be able to tell me what that part may be called, and suggest a place to buy one? 


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This wheel is made buy Amaco and and is more like a shimpo. I suggest you call them. I have never seen one in person but the cone drive system is pretty straight forward. As you press the pedal the cone moves up against the drive pulley creating more RPMs as the larger parts of the spinning rubber cone rubs against the drive pulley.

here is their contact info


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