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SHIMPO Master Series 750--Price Opinions?? Known Problems??

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Does anyone have any experience with this older shimpo?  I have found one for sale for $450. It has a 1hp motor and has been treated well.  It has a 1hp motor and a large work table like a half moon that surrounds the wheel at one end of it.

On Shimpo's manual page they describe it as :

"The Master Series utilizes state-of-the-art components to achieve remarkable power combined with extremely smooth speed adjustment and virtually noiseless operation.

Features of the M400 and M750 include:

• Heavy-duty steel construction assures long service life

• PWM controller/industrial grade potentiometer/ribbed belt drive together maximize motor power while ensuring smooth speed adjustment and noiseless operation

• Fully enclosed body case keeps internal parts dry and clean

• Removable bottom plate permits easy access to interior

• Remote foot pedal will independently hold speed while ensuring maximum comfort and flexibility

• 14” wheel head easily accommodates large work"

Are there any disadvantages to this type of wheel vs a new Skutt or Brent?  I am not sure what the PWM controller is or why an industrial grade potentiometer with a ribbed belt drive would be an advantage, but the company must have thought it was a benefit--or hype.


Any thoughts?

Thank you,



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I've got one these wheels and I use it heavily. Bought in new about 25 years ago, its still running perfectly. Only repairs that have needed doing was to replace the on / off switch about 5 years ago and the wire going into the pedal has come loose a couple times so that needed tightening up. 

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Hi Teala62,

I was wondering if you purchased the Shimpo 750 wheel?  I am looking for one, or more, and if your not going to purchase it, I would be very interested and would even be willing to pay a finders fee...


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