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Need a translation of a glaze name

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I saw a beautiful blue, white  speckled glaze on one of the FB groups The Japanese potter said the glaze is called "Ruri" with a small amt of "Sanga" added. It looks like a c10 reduction Temoku with 8% extra dolomite( which gives yellow specks) but no iron. Maybe replaced by cobalt. I Googled "Ruri" and found several examples but no ref to a recipe.

Hope someone here has heard of this glaze. Thanks Wyndham

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@Wyndham Can you not ask the Japanese potter on the FB group for a translation?

Or, if the photo/description of the glaze was supplied by a third party and you don’t know how to contact the original potter, can you post a photo of the glaze so we can try to figure it out that way? 

(Keep in mind, if the image is copyrighted and you’re not sure the original potter wants to share it, it cannot be posted here. However, if it is already being shared on social media by the original potter, then permission to share it can be assumed. )

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