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Skutt Wheel Head - Pitted and want to refinish

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Hi Folks! I've got a Skutt / Thomas Stuart wheel that I bought new a few years back. Lovely wheel, no real problems with it, but it has been in storage for the last year or so.

When I put it away I didn't do the best job of cleaning it off, and now the wheelhead has some stubborn grime, rust, and pitting.

Does anyone have experience or recommendations on cleaning these wheel heads? I'm tempted to just take some oil and some fine-grit metal sandpaper to it, but figured I would ask here before end up bungling it and having to order a new one ;-)

Thank you!

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If you find that the cleaning and polishing doesn't work, rather than buying a new head, you might check with a local machine shop and see if the cost of machining the surface would be less than a new wheelhead.


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Great advice everyone, thanks a bundle! I think the steel wool & WD40 suggestion sounds like a great first step to give it a try. If no luck there, then will check with some local machining shops.

Appreciate the help!

-- M

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