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ISO of a perfect matte white dipping glaze...

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Hey guys!

I'm (still) trying to replicate the look of MG2 over Soldate 60, but at cone 5/6. I've recently tried Amaco 48 and 480 clay bodies but they're actually too speckly on surface areas left unglazed. Also, I found that I love Amaco's satin matte white over the speckled clay when it's covering the surface because the speckles show through but dang it's too expensive to buy by the pint, plus brushing on is a drag if I'm only doing white. 

Any tips on a good dipping matte white that isn't so opaque that you won't see the clay body beneath? And does anyone know a ^5/6 body that's close to Soldate 60?

I have two little kids and beg, borrow and steal for any moment spent in my studio so it's taking me ages to find the answer, not to mention cash I don't technically have. ;)

All suggestions are welcomed and appreciated! 

thanks so much!


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You can lessen the opacity of a white glaze by reducing the opacifier, usually zircopax/superpax or tin oxide. For getting the clay to break through, you may want to try putting a high iron slip on the clay to darken it. You could go as high as 20% or more in oxidation.

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2 hours ago, DirtRoads said:

What can you put in a white matte glaze to reduce the "shine"?

It depends on why it's matte. If it's a high alumina matte, essentially an underfired glossy glaze, then the cooling rate might not affect it much. In that case increasing the alumina more, or decreasing the silica. If it's a magnesium matte, then slowing down the cooling rate will increase matteness.

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