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Newbie to Stoneware

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Hey guys...help!  So I have been doing low fire work (jewelry) for years and have just ventured into mid fire work. My question is likely somewhat dumb but here goes. I purchased my first bit of cone 5-6 stoneware clay and had a question about temps. With my work that I have been doing in low fire, I bisque fire to cone 04 then glaze fire to 06.  What temp do I bisque fire the stoneware?  Not knowing any better, I bisque fired it to cone 5 and then glaze fired it to cone 5 and none of the glazes turned out to look like they were supposed to. Thanks in advance for the help. 

Chris Patterson

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On another note, what does your glaze supplier say? I use Amaco Potters Choice almost exclusively and they suggest ^04 for the bisque and ^5 for the glaze...I've been glaze firing to ^6 and think I'm going to pullback one cone to see what happens.


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