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Rick Wise

Glaze Texture with "dimensions"

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The attached photo shows a glaze application that I do not understand how to recreate.   Its similar to a well known area potter (McCarty Pottery, Marigold MS) in that the surface appears multi dimensional (?).  In other words, the surface seems worn there are seemingly random areas that have a thicker or thinner application or slightly different colors or shades.  Love the effect but completely clueless as to how to re-create.  Can anyone enlighten me?

fingerprint pottery pontotoc crop.jpg

fingerprint pottery pontotoc.jpg

fingerprint pottery pontotoc crop2.jpg

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The glaze does have a rutile appearance as Mark points out;

wiping the surface of the partially-dried glaze is often used to create visual texture, especially when the glaze is visually effected by thickness.  It is a technique I often use with shino glazes at cone 10. 


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