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Skutt Steven Hill Sig dimensions?

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Does anyone have the Steven Hill Signature wheel? I would love to know the exact dimensions - width and length of the whole unit - before I buy... also whether other TS wheels are smaller (other than the Prodigy, which wouldn't work for me). 

I've googled, read the manual, checked sites that sell them...

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Tape measure ...walking... 

Measurements taken at the lip of cast built-in splash pan in inches

  21  13/16" high

  26  9/16" the long way across the top

  20  5/8" wide on the fat end (tool end )

  17   1/2" wide on the wheel end

The leg extensions are not installed; the built in legs have just the plastic caps on them.

I've less than thirty hours on it, and keep forgetting to check level. The 100 tips book depicts using threaded pvc fittings on the leg ends to level, cool idea.

Let me know if you're looking for any other info Armand, it's a short walk to the garage! ...where I'm headed now, looks like a nice morning for a long bike ride.


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