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Rick Wise

Problem: Plate rims rise while drying

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My platter rims do this a bit too, I throw platters in the morning then leave them out in the open during the day then put them back on the wheel in the afternoon (while the clay is still soft but not wet) and using a wood rib I press them back down. The closer to throwing the rims in a horizontal plane in the first place the less likely they are to rise back up, it's the clay memory doing it. 

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The crime scene tape is both funny and disturbing! 

I tend to throw plates pretty thick initially. I find if I flip my plates as soon as they will bear it, the added weight counteracts the tendency for plates to cup in like that. 

It happens with bowls, and lids that are thrown upside down off the hump, too. 

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5 hours ago, Min said:

Guess my neighbourhood isn't as exciting, no crime scene or landmine tape. Once mine are trimmed I just use a piece of plastic with the center cut out.

Its great to have Nephews who send you weird stuff-never know when a little mine field tape is needed.

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