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I have a homemade spray booth.  I put newspaper on the sides, a filter on the opening in front of the fan, and spray away.  The excess glaze on the newspaper will dry out and turn into globs, fall off the paper and become powder and flakes in the bottom of the booth.  Since I use a lot of clear glaze do you all think it would be ok to take the uncontaminated (as in just the clear) glaze globs and powder and put them back into the bucket of wet glaze??  I have been saving covered pails of it....   And yes, I use a respirator!!!:D


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As the old Alka-Seltzer ad said:  "Try it, you'll .... it"
I see no reason it should not work.
       Assumptions that come with such reclaim:
      The solubles in the glaze recipe are negligible.
      The ink, and any other stuff picked up, from the newspaper will burnout clean with no metallic residue.
      The rehydrated solids will easily stay suspended at least as well as the original glaze mix.
      Your handling of the reclaimed powder does not provide any contamination.
I would make a reclaimed batch, test it on a test piece to confirm that it remains clear and meets your specifications.  If it passes muster, then use that reclaimed batch. 

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roberta, i save the overspray each time i glaze.  eventually i get a bucketful and test it, adjusting with whatever color seems dominant.  added cobalt to the 2015 batch and copper to 2016.  they are transparent and very useful.

if i have a lot of clear glaze in a firing and then want to put some red iron oxide in that same firing, i do not save the rio stuff.  it messes up the color of the final product.

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