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Hi, Hope someone can give me a recipe for cookies. I'm going to be firing test tiles with amaco glazes and I don't know how much they will run, and of course I don't want to ruin a shelf . I have used kiln wash on the shelves already.


Thanks everyone

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Hi Andrea - I've  cut out circles, squares and rectangles  of various sizes, about 1/8 - 1/4" thick from whatever  clay I have handy,  all  cone 4-6.  I bisque them, or put them in a glaze load if that's happening first, then brush some kiln wash on them.  I use them pretty much endlessly under just about everything I glaze even tho I rarely have anything run.   Famous last words?  I have a big collection of them.  Some are just irregular pieces from other things I've cut out.  I've never had to retire any, tho I do occasionally drop one, and then I use those pieces under witness cones, or in the garbage.  Or in the bottoms of flowerpots......

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