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Mondays bench (actually 3 areas)-glaze wares from two fires priced and packed-lots of mugs

Pots been flying out of here lately-shipped to Vermont-So-Cal gallery-all local outlets-

All stocked to the gills for Mothers day and our Collage Graduation weekend-usually a large sales event for all shops locally

today bench is empty -off to a show in am for 5 days





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I have a replacement top in progress for my bubbler fountain on my back patio,  some how the original one was broken last year.   I glued it back together but it really needs to be replaced.   I am ready to load a bisque and have the room for it.     Denice

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All out jar topper production for a week.   Had 850 for The Canton Flea Market.  Sold 460 at show, was hoping for 600 or even a sell out.   Attendance down a bit this year (Spring is always way lower than fall).    Next day had after orders from Canton for 72, 19, 12 and 8.   And sold some over weekend for Mother's Day.    Have around 200 left now.    Which is good for every day stock at the store.

Notice in the middle photo the way people are "looking" at this item.   This display wasn't perfect.  Should have placed a table on the outside of booth with arrangements around the table  and toppers scattered on table with organized shelf stock on the sides.   The jars with flowers arranged in the toppers are critical to selling .   And this item could use a poster board with photo too ... something for fall show.   Had a small business card with explanation and photo for customers that wanted them as gifts.   This was key to selling.    This is somewhat of an explanation product.  My brother said that when I was hanging around the toppers, small waves of sales would come through.   When I left to restock jewelry, straighten, etc ... sales slowed off.  Overall, I'm satisfied with the sales, especially with the after sales pouring in from people that saw them at the show.




IMG_0758 (600x450).jpg

IMG_0776 (600x450).jpg

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Trying to get my next ^5-6 glaze load together. My work is mostly tiny and I've got about a shelf and a half so far. At some point I'll just fire it up full or not, I want to give my neighbor his mug, he looks a little bummed out and could probably use it. 

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