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Over fired bisque. Will glaze stick now?

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I am a super beginner at this whole pottery gig. I am loving it but I have a LOT to learn. I recently misunderstood how to do the bisque fire and fired my (stoneware plus) clay to a cone 10 :| . 

As I was reading more about the glazing and  second fire process I realized my mistake. My question now is did I ruin those pieces that got bisque fired to cone 10  or can i save them? 

I am assuming the glaze won’t soak into the pieces very well. Any tips for me?! Help! 

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Since the pots you fired to cone 10 are no longer porous it's going to take a lot of time and patience to glaze them and the task will be more troublesome than its probably worth. Warming the pots up to around 180F will help get the glaze to stick. If the pots are very precious to you it might be worth the effort but otherwise I would chalk this up to a learning experience and start over.

Yes you can use your cone 6 glazes on your pots that have been fired to cone 10, they will need to be fired to cone 6. Going forward I would use a cone 6 clay with your cone 6 glazes. Firing to cone 10 in an electric kiln will wear your elements out much faster than going to 6.

Welcome to the forum!

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If as Min says they are "precious" you could try a test on one of them using some white glue added into the glaze for better adhesion, try to keep the consistency the same as glaze and keep the glue low in the amount, no more than 20%. I have used this at times with good results. Another possibility if to spray your glazes on when the pot is warmed as Min says. Spraying will allow some water to evaporate in the spraying, and if you use warmed pots, less handling by you. Several 3 or more coats letting each dry would be preferrable.


Good luck, What an adventure!




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