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Brand new baby Skutt not operating

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I've just received my new Skutt 8x4 LT test kiln and thought I'd take it out for a spin. I plug it in, it beeps, flashes "idle" and the temp alternately, but when I push the start/stop/enter nothing happens. Then I try the Up View Segment button and it gives me a Opt message. And there it stays, locked that way. Nothing in the error messages nor regular messages says anything about "Opt." Help!


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I checked through the manual that Bartlett has on their web site (they build these for Skutt) and they didn't have anything about OPT either. Usually when a controller locks up there's something wrong with it. Open up the control panel and make sure everything on the controller circuit board is tight. The larger controllers have a ribbon connector that can come loose. If these little ones have that, too, make sure it's tight in the slot.

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1 hour ago, Min said:

If you go to page 23 of this, under the configuration heading there is an Output#4 Option which looks almost like your display code. OPb with part of the b missing???? Long shot but as close as I could find. 

I thought it might be some sort of output, too. It's odd that it's freezing on that, especially when the manual shows that pushing the up arrow from idle shouldn't do anything at all. Plus the controller can make a 'b', and that's definitely a 't'. It's an odd one for sure.

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