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I've been trying out a new (to me) clay. It's a coarse iron rich stoneware. High fire (still a little absorbant at Cone 10+). Nice feel when thowing, plastic but stays where you put it. Feels sandy between my knuckle and the wheelhead and some iron particles , leaves a scratchy surface when turning at leather hard. When I wash my hands it feels very soapy/slimy and leaves a foamy scum on the washing water. Does this mean it's got a generous dose of soda mineral? Feldspar presumably.

Interestingly after recycling it, it "tires" very quickly.

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To test for and compensate for soluble sodium with epsom salts use 1/2 of 1% of dry weight.

or a few drops of saturated solution on a ball of clay that you wedging. If it works you'll notice a change in consistency.

Put a couple table spoons in a jar, cover with hot water and optionally microwave 'til dissolved.


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