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Pottery wheel on wheels

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I have a very small studio at the moment in my garage.  To get the car  in, the wheel has to be stowed.  I have been pushing in and out to use it but it is difficult and probably not good foe the wheel either. Tables etc get broken down after i am done using with exception  of small wedging table.  You can imagine that the breakdown etc is a huge letdown to practice.

Id like to put wheels on it until i have a more stable space where  it can rest comfortably at the ready.  

Has anyone put their wheels on wheels?  How did you approach it?  

I am thinking about probably a platform, casters would have to lock and be heavy duty.  I am concerned about the additional height but dont want to cut my legs as the wheels are probably temporary.   And it would need to be water resistant because I do a lot of platters that require bats larger than the splash pan.   I also think nothing of throwing up to 50# on the wheel, and would  love to do more than that at some point if I could get past my maximum cylinder height of 15".  

I would love to hear ideas.

PS i have an old model Brent CXC that had the pedal replaced by a Soldner pedal WHICH I LOVE.   The Soldner Pedal is really smooth, holds steady and has a case where I rest  my foot that is more ergo for me.  

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I was thinking a mobile tool base as well. They're made for square/rectangular tools, but you could put a piece of plywood in it and set the wheel on that. It would raise the wheel only an inch or two, rather than the 4-5" that heavy duty casters would add. You can buy them online for $35-75.

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my wheel in florida is on a piece of plywood and wheels.  i push it out of the way all the time, it is easy to move and the wheels are not too tall.  notice the stool is also wheeled.

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