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life size figure sculpture

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Hello everybody,

I want to make a life size ceramic figure which of cource is going to be hollow on the inside. My problem is i dont have access to kiln big enough to fit the figure. Does anybody maybe have advice on how to build the figure in pieces and then after its fired still being able to put it back together so it stands by itself with no support. If you guys have any ideas I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

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Make the top part of each separate piece cone-shaped, with a matching funnel shaped hole in the piece above.  If you can separate the sculpture at natural "seam" lines (waist, neck, top of legs, knees) you should be able to disguise the join.

The cone/funnels should then fit together reasonably well.

Might be worth trying first with a miniature.

Or, you could build a "one-off" kiln around the sculpture and once-fire it, or do something like this Petal Kiln.

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