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4 hours ago, dog-lover said:

I have a wonder. Does anyone know if u can use a leaf to glaze? like, to spread the glaze.

Whatever you use, be prepared to learn from it. Try to keep your spirit of experimentation so that you don't expect a particular result. You will learn faster. Take notes!

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one way to use a leaf in glazing is to put a spot of wet glaze on the pot, smear the leaf on top and press it in firmly  so the glaze is stuck to the pot in the shape of the leaf. 

THEN....  wipe the extra glaze off the pot and leave the leaf in place until you can peel it off without removing the glaze under it.  you might wind up with a colored leaf impression with all the veins and sharp edges of the actual leaf.   some kinds of leaves are better than others with this technique.   it might take a lot of attempts before you get one you like.  that is what is called practice.

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