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Porcelain vs white stoneware coated w/ porcelain

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Sorry I didn't mean to sound like you said that. I just meant that I have thrown some of my biggest pots with porcelain, I keep going back to the word difficult. I don't think it's the right word for the description. I think the right word is different to describe porcelain throwing. It isn't more difficult, it's just slightly different.

I don't claim to know more about porcelain than you Mark that is for sure, you have thrown more clay than I will throw in my entire lifetime. Just wanted to inspire a little hope in Doc to give it a shot.

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There is a  word used to describe clay properties, from the 40-80's: but since forgotten. "extensibility" was used to describe how far a clay body would extend without rupturing or collapsing. It is the physical properties of fireclay and ball clay, as compared to kaolin that give stoneware or porcelain their throwing properties. You can formulate porcelain to be firmer, or stoneware softer.

now back to my coffee, I feel an information dump coming on.


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