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Gregory Hendren

Sculptural Vases

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I'm designing a number of sculptural vases and firing them using 05 and 06 glazes.  The interiors are like the exteriors: sharp bends, undercuts, open spaces.  I'm having a heck of a time trying to glaze the interior.  Can you suggest any possible methods?  They're too heavy to dip and have too many holes and gaps to glaze and swirl without creating a large mess.  Perhaps I don't need to glaze the interior?  Will it be waterproof if the outside is glazed? 




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What are you hoping for when you say "waterproof"?

If they have holes, then they won't hold water for real flowers, so do you mean "frost-proof"?

It's very likely that anything fired to cone 05/06 will NOT be frost-proof, and also unlikely that it will be waterproof, unless fully glazed, inside and out.  And, the clay and glaze need to be matched and fully matured.

Search the forums and you will find lots of previous threads and discussions on this subject.

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Duct taping over the holes and gaps on the outside of the vases then pouring and swirling glaze on the inside followed by removing the tape and glazing the outside by spray or brush might be an option. Even for the sake of cleaning the inside of the vases a glaze would be preferable to unglazed clay. As for being waterproof you would have to test your vases.  Low fire clays, with the exception of fritware, have high porosity rates which makes having a pot that holds water not leak a challenge. Any crazing in the glaze is going to allow water into the clay which will then leak.

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