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Thrown Pots from Extrusions

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Good find! And excellent narration...

In fact, I've just had to watch it for a second time, just for the sake of the commentary. Pure genius.

Rather nice Northumbrian pipes, too (no pun intended), from Becky Taylor.

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Props to Becky Taylor.

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They certainly made it look a lot easier than it is. I had a few goes and was nowhere near strong enough to move the clay into shape. I think I remember the owner saying he paid £17($25, €20) a ton for the clay and it comes from a coal mine near the town I grew up in. Was a very nice clay too and they extruded some pipes for us to take back to the studio. 


Great video, they have problems with the residents as you can see from the fumes generated by the kiln. At least it is only once every three months. The underfloor heating was the old roman style (might be incorrect) where you had a fire that heats tunnels under the floor. 

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Interesting video documenting their setup. We drove past there a couple of weeks ago (but didn't stop). A while back we even looked a property nearby, more out of curiosity rather a desire to move to that area.

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