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Mark C.

Show Types-add yours to the list

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Well the thread on show types got me thinking the various shows out there.

I have done several types over my 40+ career 

Please add your own show types to the list

Juried Fine art shows

Juried shows-less than fine art

Farmers markets

Pop up shows (US) and Canada

Local events put on my various folks like clubs and organizations

County fairs-rodeos 

City events

Trunk shows

Private sale -like a studio sale or like my own xmas sale in a shopping center

Studio Sales-varoius types-art tours-open studios


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Well, that is already a pretty comprehensive list! 

This may not count, because I never made a  take-home dime, but  in another state (long ago and far away) I have had very modest shows, always with other participants, to support art-oriented fundraising events for certain agencies.  For me, the selected  causes were addiction, HIV/AIDS, and domestic violence shelter programs--just "my thing"--to  use art as a channel for generating donations to community-based, under-funded, non-profit public service organizations.  These shows have been held in churches, community centers,  colleges, small art galleries,  and hotel ball rooms (space donated to the agencies doing the fund drive). 

Also put together a show once to benefit a great summer camp in W. Virginia, where I was the ceramics instructor, for free,  in exchange for my daughter being able to go to the camp.  In addition to some of my stuff, and some other potters' donated work,  the kids made various types of clay art and the parents scooped it up for "big bucks", to help keep the camp going-it was a blast.  

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There are also the “[Something] and Art” Festivals. “Something” can be wine, beer, music, seafood, etc ...

Don’t do them!

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Guild events/shows. Here in PA, often the Craftsman's guilds will put on shows. Sometimes these are themed like the Christmas/Valentines/Spring etc, but then again at times they are just on the calendar to not have conflicts with other events. I have also participated in silent auctions where a 50/50 was done to raise money for the host charity organization.





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