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Mark C.

Clays in today-19,900#s of it

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Got the call on my annual material order at 12 noon today-trucks in the yard and its ready for pickup . I made my 1st of 5 trips-about 35 miles round trip.I got just over 2 tons in the truck-two pallets-with 84 boxes of porcelain. I move the 5 tons of special mix softer clay into shed 1st so it ages the longest before use to firm it up. Then put the next 4 tons of stock moisture content porcelain in front of it to use 1st. I still have a little less than 2 tons left over from last year in shed to use 1st. I also have a pallet of dry materials.

Now its about moving clay every  weekday until shed is full.Go time -its also raining time so the job gets you wet a bit.

I put together a 5 potter list this order totaling 38,000#s not quite a full truck full. The list of potters around here is diminishing so material trucking is going up as less than full trucks are the norm now.

I'll pay the bill later this month in full ( my part)-should be about $5,500.00 depending on trucking bill-clay is cheap

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Moving clay is a drag, and exhausting. When I worked for A.R.T., my clay production crew were all out sick one day, so I had to run the line. I mixed 12,000 pounds of porcelain, which required lifting each pound 5 times before it's all done and on the pallet rack. I could hardly move my arms the next day!

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I'm on my second run today already stocked 4,200 today and am going out now to unload that amount again. Only 168 boxes from truck to shed today . Only have two trips left. One each day thru Friday.Its not my arms but my wrist with the  bones missing from surgery that gets sore.

This was hump day with 3 of the 5 trips behind me.

I move clay 12 times from  clay purchase to selling on average.If you can do it in less moves I'm interested.

Clay has kept me fit over my life just has diving has for my lungs. Its an unusual mix I realize.

I am done today with the 5 tons of soft clay and just over 1 ton of stock porcelain.

Still have dry materials and more stock clay to move.

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