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Rex Johnson

Bailey Pro-X, anyone use one?

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I have a Bailey wheel before they started making the pro. I love it. It is slower than a Brent, but I don't ever go to the max speed. 

My wheel is almost 20 years old. Changed the potentiometer in the pedal and the drive belts a few years ago. That is all.

Good solid wheel...and great technical support from the company. Mine doesn't have the shelf but I built a large table top for it. I think it is pretty quiet too.



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I have a Bailey ST-50 bought in 2002, which is now known as the PRO-50. It's the same as the PRO-X except the PRO-X has a larger wheelhead (13 inches instead of 12).

It's a great wheel. Quiet and very reliable for 15 years. Best splashpan design in the industry IMO, especially the gate on the side that trimmings can be pushed out and into a bucket.

The only time I had any trouble with it was after a minor earthquake. It started to have minor rattles. But the design is so simple I just looked around and tightened everything, and it has been solid ever since. 

One-third of retail, as in $300 or so? I would get it. 

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Yeah, $345 on Craigslist. Evidently two years old and been in a dry temp controlled storage in excellent condition.

It's a day's round trip drive for me but what the heck.


'Bailey Pro-X electric potter's wheel - excellent condition - the wheel is in our storage locker so the picture shown is from the manufacturer's website.

Adjustable height...super quiet motor...very smooth foot wheel control.

Bought 2 years ago for over $1,100.

I only used this wheel a couple dozen times and it is in excellent condition.'


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