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Detailed and Unstructured

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I've just read an interesting article (titled "Detailed and Unstructured", Witten by Lori Martin)  in Pottery Making illustrated from the Jan/Feb 2018 issue. 

I find this technique interesting and similar to another technique  that I love:  cuerda seca... I've just only a couple of doubts...

First: does really is possible to apply a colored glaze over a clear glaze (2 coats!) without have the colored glaze leaked\blended? Should I take some precaution in order to avoid problems? It's not the first time I see somebody who does such a "design", but everyone else did not put anything "in the background"...

Second: What kind of colored glazes could be used for that job? Expecially for the black outlines... they does not appears as normal "glassy" glazes... The only american brand easily available in my area is Mayco, and I've noticed that some glazes like "stroke & coat" are pretty different from glazes I was used to use...

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