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I throw with mostly slip/dryish so I don't even notice it except for when I am centering against the bat. Since I throw mostly off the hump nowadays I don't have to center against the bat much. When I do center against the bat I have just started using a sponge against the base of my hand on the left-hand side and it seems to work out okay. I definitely get exfoliated though! = )

I am mostly concerned with the absorption. I am testing that now, got my two tiles in water for 24 hours. Tomorrow I will report back on the absorption of adding the grit.

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joseph, a thousand years ago i was using a gritty clay.  trying to center a huge lump, more than 12 pounds i used the top of a leather boot as a sleeve and centered with my forearm.  this was back in the 1970s when everyone wore boots almost to the knee.  when the sole wore out i just cut it below the ankle and it worked great.  was able to make large bowls with it to start the centering.

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The results are in. @glazenerd

The first clay body mixture weighed: 25.50g before water and 25.77g after, so 1%.

The second body mixture which is more porcelain than stoneware was 16.63g before(thinner tile) and 16.76g after, so less than 1% absorption. 

So I don't think the chicken grit, sand, and course grog had that much effect on the body porosity. I am going to put the tiles back in the water and weigh again tomorrow to see if it increases any.

It makes me want to lean towards the darker tile 2 more, but I really like the more stoneware tile better. I think 1% is acceptable enough, considering who leaves their pots in water all night long fully submerged in a sealed container. lol.

BlackDog, did you find any granite grit? I really can't wait to see what you do with it and that slip you formulated.


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2 hours ago, Kathy P said:

I can't stop going back to this photo, it's so beautiful!  The mid section diagonal darker contrast and the crocodile type skin bumps really appeal to me.  I have a crush on this one!

Thanks. I like it as well.

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