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Dark vs Light Rutile

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Yes Ron: the difference is- one is dark and one is light. Actually the light was dark; until someone roasted it in an industrial rotary kiln to burn off excess carbons. When they do tons of it; they call it roasting. When potters do a pound of it, they call calcining.


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There is a difference in the particle size, fine (sometimes called ceramic grade) and coarse grades. I prefer using ceramic grade calcined rutile, less LOI therefore less gassing off and chance of pinholes. When you find a rutile that works really well I would suggest buying as much of it as you think you'll need for the future as it's one of those materials that  is very inconsistent as to the amount of iron and other impurities in it. I've found it's one of those materials that does vary from supplier to supplier and batch to batch. 

Copper carb comes in different shades too, used to be a grayish green now the stuff I'm getting is bright green. 

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1 hour ago, High Bridge Pottery said:

One uses the force for good, the other for evil.

Now, lets not make light of this...


@Min @Mark C.

I would assume this is ceramic grade based on where I'm getting it from



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