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potters on Saipan?

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I'm not sure which section this would be best under, so I'm putting it here first. If anyone thinks it would be better under a different heading, I'll switch it.

My family is heading to Saipan for Christmas break next week. Several years ago I began collecting handmade mugs or cups from different places I visit, rather than buying Starbucks city/place mugs like some of my friends and coworkers do (I work in an international school in China, so there's a lot of travel to interesting places going on).  I am looking for locally-made pottery to add to my collection of mugs. So far I've only been able to find one shop via Google that sells handmade pottery but their site doesn't say if it's locally made or not.

Does anyone know of any actual pottery shops on Saipan? I did so a search here on the forum, but it yielded no results for Saipan. 



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In my travels to Micronesia on 3 different trips in the 80's and 90's I never saw any local ceramics . The fuel is coconut husks or expensive electricity. Most of Micronesia is very poor.

Saipan is one Island I did not set foot on. I had a friend who taught there once .Your chance of a drink container will most likely be made from palm trees.

Saipan at one time had the dubious honer of the most consumed per capita of Budweiser in the world. Western culture dumped tobacco there is huge lots as well.

Saipan is a very small place

The diving in Micronesia is top notch.Take your mask and snorkel and some fins.

Let us know if you fine any local ceramics

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Well, there were no potters that I could find on Saipan. Since the island is entirely coral, there's nothing really to make pottery out of. The closest thing we could find was a small factory that produces ceramic bathroom stuff, tile mainly. I suppose they import all of their porcelain from somewhere else, but we didn't stop and ask. Oh well, it was a great vacation anyway. :)

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