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seeking the "definitive" word on bisque and glaze firing - ha

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I'm self-taught and a relative  newbie.  I am so confused :wacko: about glaze & bisque firing in terms of venting, peep holes, and/or cracking the lid.  I have an electric kiln with digital controller and it's outside so I have no  extra ventilating system.  My Evenheat kiln has one small hole in the top that does not have a plug (always open) and one side peephole with a plug.  

1)when bisque firing, does the lid need to be cracked and/or the peephole open for any part of the firing?

2)when glaze firing, same questions?  

Thank you for any insights.


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Seems lots of people on the left-hand side of the Atlantic prop the lid open, but all the kilns (electric) I've seen on the right-hand side have a contact that prevents operation with the lid/door open.  

So it seems it works either way.  I only plug the peep holes on my little top-loader if the temp stalls and won't put cone 6 down.  Otherwise all plugs out.



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No need to ever prop the lid. And with a digital kiln it can cause issues with the controller if the propping is letting out too much heat. Without a downdraft vent, always leave a top peep hole open, either the one in the lid or the top side peep, for all firings.

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