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When To Change Dust Masks?

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Earthwood    0

I am using a 3M 8233 NIOSH N100 dust mask in my studio. It is like a glorified disposable mask - in other words, it doesn't have any filter cartridges that need replacing. I am wondering if it might be time to swap it for a new one. It smells a little like clay when I put it on and start breathing through it. However, breathing is not difficult - that is, it hasn't seemed to become so clogged that it is a struggle to breathe through. The only put off is the scent of clay dust when I put it on. I only use it when I am cleaning the studio or when I feel I might be more heavily exposed to dust (I.e. Opening and wedging a new box of clay, trimming a pot that is a little too dry).


What would anyone recommend? What masks do you use and how often are you replacing them or changing the filters?





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Pungogirl    0

I would change the mask if you're smelling clay dust. I keep my mask in a sealed plastic bag so as not to get clay/glaze dust in it, but I keep a few new masks on hand so I'll have a new one to use when I need it. (If you're smelling dust, you're breathing it.) Hope this helps...happy potting!

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