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Bisque firing OOPs

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Hi all.

I fired a load of bisque Wed. evening (standard 630 ^5) when I checked Thursday A.M. the kiln was still firing (way too long) so I shut it off

and cried a little.  When I opened the kiln this A.M. (Friday) The pieces looked ok, (not melted) but I don't know how hot things got.

I had 3 witness in the kiln (06 05 04) and they are all pretty flat, my question is, is there a way to tell if the pieces will still take

glaze, or if the clay has vitrified?

Thanks for your time.


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Guest JBaymore

Dip your finger in water and touch it to the pot.  If it sort of absorbed into the ware relatively quickly, you have some hope of getting a layer of glaze material onto them in a somewhat "normal" manner.  If the water just sits there..... it is possible, but tough to get a layer thick enough.

Let us know more what you got, and we'll help to see if you need to alter application method.



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In my early clay classes I had some stoneware and porcelain mugs in a bisque that went unknowably high. John's wet-fingertip would have demonstrated no absorption.  As we all were encouraged to experiment with techniques, I oven-warmed them and painted (with some difficulty) commercial cone 06 glazes. It would have been nice to know about sticky additives like corn syrup or gum tragacanth. I slowly heated our little raku kiln loaded with these experiments to 06 and managed to finish with usable mugs. Although the bright candy colors were unfashionable in those days of 70's earthy stoneware, I was inspired by Ken Price and Ron Nagle's beginning to branch out into low fires.

Good luck, the candy colors are acceptable now and low fires can effectively mimic stoneware glazes too, so the world is your oyster!

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