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Help with new (old) wheel please

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Hi, I just bought this wheel and would be really grateful for some help setting the handle/pedal up properly. I can't find a makers plate anywhere on, or in, the cabinet. The plate on the side with technical info has the model as WHD which I think might be a Wenger.

Anyway, as you can see from the photos the handle has come off and although I can bodge it to make it work as a foot pedal I'd really like to set it up how it was originally meant to be.

If anyone can give me any ideas of the make/model or even better a manual I'd be truly grateful. If someone has something similar a rough sketch or photo of how you have it set up would be great too.







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I did PM Bobbo that the wheel looks similar to the old Shimpos. I also sent a link to see if it looked similar. Maybe the folks at the link could ID the wheel, but he might be better off if he could find someone in UK that repairs wheels as they may be able to help him if they can ID it.




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Looks like an old Ratcliffe to me. Rather like this one:

Ratcliffe R37 240v Electric Potters Wheel with seat

Ratcliffe did about a million different models over the years, but they went out of business years ago. Some of the spares and so on from Ratcliffe were taken by Gladstone Engineering, who still trade - if you ever need any spares (bearings, belts, etc.) then it might be an idea to contact them in the first instance. They may also have info with respect to your particular model.

Have you a photo of the innards?

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Excellent! I do like a graphic picture of innards.

Interestingly, Ratcliffe are cited as prior art in this US patent for the type of cone-wheel drive your machine has:

Variable speed drive for a potter's wheel

That drive belt looks new?

I'm still going for Ratcliffe. Give Gladstone a call, and see what they say.

In terms of the foot pedal, I'd personally just lash something up that works, and get on with it. But that's just me!

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bobbo, if you just want to set up the handle, i would try using the clues you have.  the handle shows a round rust spot at the small hole.  it appears there is only one bolt of that size that is visible.  have you tried attaching the parts so the rusty spots line up?

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