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thank you all for your concern.  my kiln is just below 300 degrees with the last batch of work for this weekend's holiday sale.  should have had two firings but with my clay taking so long to be workable and then to dry,  just used up all the available studio time.    hoping everything will come out OK.  high hopes for several of them.

GREAT NEWS!  everything came out of the kiln just the way i had hoped!  only one piece has become a milk for the cat saucer.  and on that i used too much black glaze which covered up the drawing.  no cracks, no other problems.  would show photos of the peaches platter and another one with the bark surround that ronsa likes but i am out of AA batteries for my camera!!!  :huh:

thank you jennifer at highwater, your explanation and remedy is excellent.  i will hold onto the boxes i have and use them next spring when i get back to this studio.  you are right, throwing was easier because the clay was so malleable but i only had 2 pieces that were thrown.  

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