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Mark C.

Shipping season really?

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if there is a pet store near you, check out the styrofoam boxes that the tropical fish come in.  they are free and if the store is a popular one, they get several a week.  very strong and the fish come inside a plastic bag so there is no fishy smell in the styrofoam.   

you are saving the store money when you ask for and take their otherwise expensive trash.  and do not forget the auto body shops and their sheet foam.  and the bakeries with their icing buckets for glaze.  they are usually grateful and will hold things for you to pick up if it is only a day or so.  keep those contacts happy and you will never spend money on packing materials again.

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Packed up  8 place setting dinnerware set-3 piece and some extra stuff. Box was 45#s-pdouble boxed-shipping to southern California via UPS on Monday.(not a UPS holiday it turns out.

I made this set at end of last year and just got around to getting back to customers after the busy holiday.This will be nice January check.



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On 1/12/2018 at 2:28 PM, Min said:

I thought about that but then would have a problem of finding boxes about the same size as the coolers. Might just cut the coolers apart and use the pieces to line a box with, can cut them to size fast on the band saw. I've used up all my styrofoam panels that came with our kitchen cabinets from a reno in the summer so looking for something free to use in place of those. It always seems there is nothing in the free section of Craigslist when I need it and lots when I don't.

My tenant  gets refrigerated medicine regularly in styrofoam coolers shipped inside perfectly fitting cardboard boxes. I saved these for a while, hoping to find a use other than my fantasy of building an igloo, but now mostly throw them out except for a few used to store caulk and putty, etc in the tool shed. I imagine zillions of these arriving to folks who also throw them away. Maybe ask at nursing homes? 

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