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How to mix Dry Glazes Safely

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I am a hobbyist looking for suggestions on how yo mix dry ingredients of glazes safely without aerosoling cobalt or silica to be inhaled. Naturally I use a mask but I don't want that powder all over my garage either.  A drill with mixer paddle seems unsafe.  Suggestions? 

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After weighing the dry ingredients into the bucket slowly add about 70% of the water you will need then put a lid on the bucket and let it slake. After the ingredients are wetted then mix it up and adjust the water content. Don't dry mix or if you really have to put the materials in a tightly sealed container, mix it up then leave it so the dust settles inside.  An immersion blender for small amounts of glaze or jiffy mixers on a drill, a wooden paddle etc all work well.  P100 face mask, wipe down the surfaces afterwards and if possible ventilate the garage. 

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