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Week 29


  1. As a safety measure, Ben Carter recommends using plastic gloves when throwing _______________.

    1. Porcelain

    2. tall pots

    3. Earthenware

    4. Black clays

  2. As a core component of both clay bodies and glaze, ______________ is present in all stages of the ceramic process. While harmless to the touch, it can be progressively harmful once it enters your lungs.

    1. Alumina

    2. Water

    3. Silica

    4. Oxides

  3. The size of a teapot is should be directly related to the ______________________.

    1. method of brewing

    2. clay body being used

    3. type of tea being brewed

    4. style of teabag being used

  4. Getting started with throwing large requires setting yourself up for success. That's right, the first hurdle to making large work is ________________ larger amounts of clay.

    1. Lifting

    2. throwing

    3. wedging

    4. using


This weeks questions come from Mastering the Potter's Wheel, Techniques, Tips and Tricks For Potters, by Ben Carter, c.2016, Quarto Publishing Group


Note from Pres: This is a new book in my library. I usually do not purchase wheel throwing books anymore, but as I was lately at B&N, and found it there, surprised, I purchased it. It is quite well done, has lots of illustrations, has some good ideas illustrated better than I have seen in other books, and skips into philosophy of making quite a bit, and I enjoy that. The sections on teapot making and design are very well done.




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2 (changed from 3)


don't know if the "rules" of this PQotW allow me to change my answer to one of the questions? If I can I'm changing the answer to #3 to 2 claybody being used.

Edited by Min

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