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Curious about porcelain

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I picked up a new porcelain to try out. The one I usually use is made locally, the second was by continental clay. Both are grolleg porcelain. 

When i fire each to cone 6 they have slightly different hues. The cc is a smidge pink, while the local one has a slightly creamish color. 

Any clay/Chem folks know what ingredients are contributing to this?

also, if it helps, I used the campana clear glaze on both and it seems to fit great with the local clay, but crazes quite a bit with the Cc clay. (Thermal expansion? <-- that topic still really confuses me)




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Thanks for the response. I wasn't too thrilled with this porcelain, so interesting about the ball clay theory. 

It was also fascinating how distinct the color difference was in the translucent parts, the pink one glowed almost red, while the cream glowed yellow!


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