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Ginny C

Slip design over chattering?

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In the March 2013 issue of Ceramics Monthly a plate by Euan Craig has caught my eye...and fancy! It is chattered, but I am trying to figure out how the overlain design is done. It looks like slip that has been shaped with a rib. I have done both techniques before but never thought of combining them. I cannot find any information on this combined technique by him or any other potters. What do you think?  Chattered and then a small amount of slip on top, quickly shaped so it doesn't soften the chattering below?? Or maybe slip trailed, with a very thin layer of slip in the leaves?  (The photo shows it with food in the middle.)


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OOOHHHH!!  Are you all telling me that the design around the food is actually part of the food, not a slip decoration???  Some sauce with the sashimi?

Or are you all still pulling my leg!?

I now have a large plate, chattered and trimmed, waiting for bisque firing.  Was about to try adding a slip decoration over it. Worried, of course, that it would mess up the nice chattering.

I'm hoping for a few another reply to clear up my confusioin...


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Thank you, Jeff!! Guess I look like an idiot.  Now I won't ruin my beautiful chattering by adding slip over it, but I just might attempt that with a smaller plate,  just to see what happens. With a very dry leather hard and a think slip, I'll see what happens.

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Ginny C-

Perhaps slip trailed petal outlines with a “cloudy” clear  (much like the ones complained about in other threads) to fill the petal shapes? Just a thought-


frosty? Can’t remember the descriptor used-somebody help?

Edited by Fred Sweet

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