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Paul Lewing one day demonstration in the studio of Antoinette Badenhorst, Saltillo Mississippi.

Paul Lewing, author of “China Paint & Overglaze”, will demonstrate and discuss china painting (insert when and where).  China painting is a 1000-year-old technique, which was incredibly popular 100 years ago, and is undergoing a revival today.  Clay artists love its painterly quality, from the boldest colors to the subtlest shadings.  Painters in oil, watercolor or acrylic looking for a more permanent medium welcome the fact that colors do not change in firing.  Any effect or technique in any form of paint or ink is possible with china paint, and clay artists will be astounded at the materials and processes possible.  Paul is one of the few links between the potters’ community and the world of traditional china painting, and a leader in the synthesis of the two.  He has been working with clay and glazes for over 50 years and has painted well over 1000 tile commission using china paint.

Details  and registration available here: http://teachinart.com/index.html

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