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All questions/discussions related to the new forum software have been moved to this section of the forum, Forum FAQ & Help Topics.

@Joseph F made a terrific tutorial on the subject of Activity Streams. We moved it into this section for easy access. 

If you have continued questions or requests regarding the new forum, we are listening! You can ask questions by adding comments to this thread, or any other thread in this section on various forum-related subjects. Or, if you have a brand new question, you can start a new thread. 

We have a running list of all requests that have been made. We are working on them behind the scenes. Please be patient, we are learning a new software ourselves. Once we determine if your request can or can't be made, we will let you know. 

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1 hour ago, glazenerd said:


i have noticed in the last week that my screen name remains in the "online" status bar after I sign out. I have signed out in the PM, and it remains when I sign back in  the AM. Little concerning..

Often when I visit the Forum, the first page I see is a cached version of the last time I visited. If I reload the page, I get the most current one. After you sign out, try reloading the page to see if the cached version gets replaced with the current page. 

Edit to add: sometimes I've noticed that the feeds in the right-hand sidebar update more slowly than the rest of the front page. I think this is normal.

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let's hope not! Would be a great loss, though I noticed his name has Guest in front of it on some old posts.

he talks having walked a long, long, distinguished walk in the fields of ceramics, not many can do that with such humility, and in plain speak for al the forum participants. No ego attached to his replies and explanations..

so my question is as above, what has happened to John?


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to add a question.

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Ms. Harnetty:

i would like to make a request for your consideration. Many posters on the forum do experimental work on glazes, clays, forming, firing techniques, and other things pottery related. Perhaps if their was a thread marked "experimental" or "research" work, where potters could post freely and openly about any given topic: I think you would find participation elevated. Marking the thread with customary cautions about safety and disclaimers about content would forewarn those reading a forehand about the content.  


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