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Rebekah Krieger

Kiln brick question

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JBaymore    1,432

Any high duty hardbrick is going to work just fine in a salt kiln for a LOT of firings.  And the more the lining gets slagging from salt buildup and erosion ....... the better the fired pots will be.  The best firing is usually the last one after you decide that this will be the last firing because the kiln is no longer safe.

The one "downside" is that a hard brick kiln or one with a hard brick lining is exopensive to fire.  On the average a hardbrick has a mass of about 8 pounds.  An insulating firebrick has a mass of about 3 pounds.  So every hardbrick that you heat up to temperature, you are heating about 5 pounds of extra material every firing.

For salt use... try to build with ah hardbrick lining and then an insulating brick outer layer (except for headers every 4th course or so).  It will lessen the firing costs over a fully hardbrick kiln.



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