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Mark C.

Shipping mugs to New Zealand

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I have a customer who ordered 5 pots some where mugs of various sizes and wanted them shipped to NZ.

He is a return customer as he  has been stationed in many places as he is a doctor.

I box ed them up -double box and wrapped well. They weighed in at just under (#10)

they cost $90-the shipping from our small town post in Blue lake was $90

Shipping often costs about a 1/3 of the shipment but in this case its 100% of the shipment.

I'm having him call me with a visa # to make the money exchange be easier .

I also now have a guest house to stay at in NZ which we like to visit as we have friends there.

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Guest JBaymore

When I ship work to Japan I have the same issues, Mark.  Only thing that for me makes it worth it is the greatly higher valuation for the work there.

Packing well for international shipping brings the packaging size and weight up no matter how well you try to "cut corners".  Can't cut too many or it arrives as "mosaic materials" instead of pottery ;).

I just shipped some work to England for an exhibition there...  and that was not that inexpensive either.  Icing on the cake, even with the correct Harmonized Tariff Code for "art" ceramics (no duty) the VAT was the killer on that one.  Insult to injury.  Luckily someone else is paying the shipping and VAT on that.






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A few other points-I know this person so I gave him this work as a gift-that keeps the tax duties low-he will gift me later in another form via his credit card.

Judith -We have spent 2 week in NZ in the 90s as I have friends who are potters there on South Island (Nelson)-Its one of my favorite places except for the food.Its to English for me.To many meat pies.

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