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Standard #112 for wall tiles ?

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I'm getting ready to put a tile back-splash in my kitchen.  We've purchased 12" square sheets of 2" tiles, and I want to remove some of the 2" tiles, and insert 4"x4" or 6"x6" 'accent' tiles that I make myself.

I've been throwing mugs, bowls, etc., with standard #112, ^6 stoneware, and would like to use that for my tiles so I can use clay/glaze combinations I'm familiar with.  I am only planning on making a dozen or so tiles, including 'spares', so also don't want to buy "tile clay", that I won't be able to use for throwing. 

My question is:  If I use the #112, do I need to modify the clay at all (grog, etc.) to use it for tiles ?  I don't have a slab roller, so will most likely use a rolling pin or piece of PVC pipe, with a couple of sticks to control thickness. I've skimmed through a number of "tile making" threads in the forums,  but most seem to focus on technique - and the importance of keeping the tile flat at all times - with little discussion of clay body composition.

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