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Book suggestions for creating stoneware and using natural clay

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thank you all for having created this beautiful discussion board.

I am a beginner and have baked only extremely simple earthenware into an extremely crude brick kiln using natural clay (both yellowish and grey/"blue").

I would like to know which books you'd suggest reading to start creating stoneware, porcelain (not interested in glazes but just to stoneware and porcelain impermeability) and using natural clay.

Also, are there any chemical testing kits available to test for food safety of clay?

Thank you


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Hi and welcome to the forums.

A classic text would be Clay and Glazes for the Potter by Daniel Rhodes. The first 7 chapters deal with clay mining, mixing, formulating etc. It's a good book to own but if you don't mind online reading you can view the entire volume here for free. 

Re testing kits for clay, I don't know of any. For glazes the go to is to send a test pot (glazed) into a lab and have an analysis done. You pay per substance that you want tested for, lead, cadmium etc. I would imagine you could send an unglazed test pot in and have them test in the same manner, I believe one of the members here did that a few months ago. I've used Brandywine Science Center lab a few times for glazes.

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