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End Rolls

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Big thanks to Mark C. for suggesting this on the forum a while back. 

The cost of buying rolls of kraft paper for wrapping up pots at shows has gone way up. Really the paper hasn't gotten more expensive, the cost of shipping these heavy things is the expensive part now. I decided to look for a local newspaper printer that has end rolls available to the public. I just got this stash for very cheap! 

For anyone else  driving distance of Frederick, Maryland, end rolls are available at:

Frederick News Post (FNP) Printing and Publishing
351 Ballenger Creek Drive
Frederick, MD 21703

They typically have some available everyday. Though maybe not today because I just cleaned them out. They sell them for between $1 and $4 each depending on size. You can contact them in advance to make sure they have some. Or, you can walk in the main entrance and ask at the front desk.


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I only use these-never bought wrapping paper.

I have a vertical roller so they stand up in my booth.

I warp all work in this paper. Its harder and harder to find these as newspaper business is downsizing. Getting them in bulk (whole truck full at a time is key) this keeps the price low

I store several years supply at a time-I have paid 1 to 2 dollars a roll-got them free -traded tuna for them-given  mugs-back in the day they where delivered to me at a show once from the women who was in charge of them in a distant city-she loved my work.

Now as to paper bags -I buy them by the bail at a grocery supply store-brown with handles for the large size and two other sizes-I stock 3 size bags at booth

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I bought a roll last year from Nashville Wraps.  A group of us went in on an order and I got free shipping, but I have to say that paper is impossible to tear!!  Seems to have a coating of some sort on it.  In order to use it I have resorted to pre cutting it.  It's a pain but at least I can use it.  No local printing here in my burg but I will be on the lookout on my travels and see if I can find a printer! 


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