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Elaine's Cone 6 Porcelain from Sheffield

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I've been using Elaine's Cone 6 porcelain from Sheffield for a few years now, and I love it. I love the feel of it on my hands, I love the way it takes glazes, and overall I've been really happy with it. But over the past, say, 9 months, I've been having new problems with attachments: handles and other attachments are cracking even when I dry super-slow. Does anyone else have experience with this? Any suggestions? I don't want to switch clays, but I'm getting frustrated. Thanks!

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A studio I used to make stuff at had issues with batches of B-mix as well so I eventually gave up and switched to a different clay. 

Like Tyler Miller said, I would contact them, hopefully your next batch will be back to normal

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As a point of curiosity for me ( I track clay issues): I would like to know if they used sodium or potassium as a flux. Giving the drying and cracking issues; I would tend towards sodium. The trend has been towards Nep Sy for the last two years because potassium is 3-4 times the cost now.


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