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Qotw: What Is The Best And/or The Worst Advice You Ever Received About Ceramics?

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However the best advice I haven't received but found on out my own was: After unloading a kiln load, don't immediately hammer something that didn't turn out exactly how you intended. It is frustrating at first and you just want to move on, but sometimes it can end up being marvelous when you run into it later with new eyes.

This is so true! 


So many times I felt quite disappointed with a piece, and then came to like it quite a bit seeing it everyday on my table. I guess it's a good reminder to keep an open mind ^^

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worst advice:

GEP, I got similar advise senior year of BFA. "you're a nice girl, why don't you get married"

I went to grad school.



best ad

One man's poison is another's treasure. (Grad. school adviser/mentor, Nick Vergette and SIU carbondale)

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