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High Risk, High Reward -Woodfired In Nhia's Fushigigama Peterborough, Nh

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“High Risk High Rewardâ€


Woodfiring the Fushigigama


A group exhibition of selected works by the people who have participated in the firings of the New Hampshire Institute of Art's Fushigigama anagama-style kiln over the past 3 years.  Work is included from faculty, undergrad and grad students, community education students, and some others who have been invited to fire work in the kiln.


Fushigigama is an anagama style kiln designed by NHIA Professor John Baymore, and built by members of his kiln building class in a two week period during the summer of 2014. While still being an anagama-style unit, it is designed to have the ability to be fired smokeless and also with no plume of flame at the top of the chimney.


"We’re fired up for this breathtaking display of works fired in NHIA’s Fushigigama woodkiln at our Sharon Campus.  This is a celebration of our emerging local woodfiring community as they share their excitement about the dynamic work that can come from this enigmatic firing practice. As the process of firing the Fushigigama is a long, complex and demanding endeavor; it is necessarily a collective effort, bringing together a diverse range of creative ideas and exchanges.  A broad group of students, faculty, alumnae, and local artists have created engaging functional and sculptural ceramic works all fired in the Fushigigama.  The work and the overall exhibition demonstrate an elegant balance of the individual creative process with the mark of the fire and the collaborative nature of woodfiring large kilns."


This exhibition is free, open to the public and handicap accessible. For more information contact exhibitions@nhia.edu


The exhibition is scheduled to open at the Sharon Arts Center Gallery, in Peterborough, NH  on August 18th  from 5-7 PM, and runs through September 17th.  Gallery hours are Wednesday-Saturday 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-4pm


Sharon Arts Gallery

30 Grove Street

Peterborough, NH 

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Here are the pieces that I submitted to the curator for possible inclusion in the exhibition.  Tasllest is about 22" tall (if I remember correctly).  The number of pieces in the show will depend on the curator's decisions about the overall exhibition "feel" in the gallery. Some will be in the show.... maybe all.



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My favorite is the back left one. Beautiful work. It was nice to see start to finish in your other post. Glad that it went so well. I hope to one day visit your works later on in my life when I can afford to travel more. You and many other potters here I would like to meet. Maybe I will be able to get out to one of those NCECA events.

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