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clay lover

Searching For" Making Bisque Hump Moulds"

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I'm having trouble getting anywhere with this search. Not so very long ago there was a thread on making hump moulds from bisque slabs instead of plaster, with suggestions of how thick , etc. Do any of you remember who started it, or how to find it? Search mode just sent me in circles. TIA

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I made one that was only 1cm thick and that has seemed to work. Albeit the mould is not very high at approx 2", if I was to make another higher one I would probably have it a little thicker. Whether this is technically correct I have no idea but it worked for me. Made from Buff clay C08. Hope that helps.

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When searching, go to the main forum page and search; your search will go across all of the forums.  If you search within a forum (not main forum page), your search will be limited to only that forum. 

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